Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online at Grand Fortune

Mon. May 05, 2014

Here at Grand Fortune Casino, we are proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to play Caribbean Stud Poker online for real money. This variant of a time-tested classic is sure to put a new spin on things and liven up the more traditional styles quite a bit. As long as you have a good sense of the more traditional five-card draw game, you'll be able to pick up on this variation in no time.

In Caribbean Stud Poker online, the dealer is the house rather than an opponent. Participants begin by placing an ante bet that falls within the table limits, but you'll also have an opportunity to place a side bet for a chance at winning a progressive jackpot. Then, you will receive five face-down cards while the house receives four face-down and one face-up. A round of betting takes place after this. After this final betting round, the house's cards are revealed and winners are paid out accordingly.

The house must have an Ace-King in order to qualify, and participants receive payments based upon whether their hands beat the dealer's. In doing this, it is important to note that the traditional progression of poker hands is considered. As such, three of a kind beats a pair, a full house beats a three of a kind, and the Royal Flush is the highest payout of all with a whopping reward of 50 to one! The progressive jackpot is collected when a participant manages to collect a flush or better, as well, and is based upon the value of the hand.