Learning blackjack is easy and fun with this guide

Tues. Jun. 21, 2016

Of all the casino games available these days, blackjack is probably the most popular. Players from all parts of the globe enjoy this card game, and you can barely find a casino that doesn't have this on offer in their gaming floor. All web-based betting establishments, including Grand Fortune Casino, also has this on offer. When it comes to basic gameplay, this game is among the easier ones to learn. As long as you dedicate a little time in learning how to play the game, there is no reason why you won't be able to start enjoying it. Here, you will find some information on its history and several reasons why it is quite a fantastic game.

Why You Should Play

If you have tried playing this card game, you probably understand why a lot of people love it. It's the type of game that players can easily get hooked to once they give it a try. Here are some reasons why.

Easy to play. One of the reasons why the game is popular is its easy mechanics. Understanding the rules only takes a little time, and since betting types are limited, there is no confusion.

Playing the game is fun. Never forget that gambling is a type of entertainment. Of course, everybody aims to win money but it's pointless to play if you're not having a good time. Part of the reason why this game is patronized is because it is highly entertaining.

The house edge is small. Unlike other betting games, the house edge here is quite low. The chance of a player winning a certain hand is only a little lower than the chance of losing it. Of course, the house edge varies from one casino to another, yet there are instances when it can be below 1%.

Learning the basic strategy can be done quickly. There are betting games that are totally dependent on luck and there is nothing a player can do to influence the result. Fortunately, in this game, player moves directly affect the outcome, and knowing some basic strategies is not that complicated. A player's decision always depends on his card and that of the dealer. There is a certain set of rules to guide players on what to do. Luck is still involved but the guidelines are surely of big help in winning.

Brief History

There are a number of theories as to how and where this game began, but a majority of these theories are vague so it is impossible to determine how blackjack really started. The earliest record can be seen in a book authored by Miguel de Cervantes, who was a Spanish writer famous for his novel Don Quixote. He too was a gambler. In his series of short stories, he made references to a card game called veintiuna, which is the Spanish word for 21. The game has a number of similarities with blackjack.

Another similar game called vingt-un was known to be played in European casinos during the 18th century. Vingt-un is a French word that means 21. From this, it can be concluded that the game 21 was famous across Europe and was later on introduced in America. When it reached American shores, some establishments began to offer bonuses to attract more gamers. A 10:1 payout was given if players made a 21 by a combination of ace of spades and jack of clubs or spades. This combination was called blackjack and eventually the game became known by this name permanently. At present, however, the payout is no longer 10:1 but 3:2.