Beat the odds and avoid being a video poker loser with these tips

Sat. Jul. 30, 2016

Fact #1: Casino executives consider video poker to be one of the games that bring a lot of cash to the house. Fact #2: A lot of these games have a house edge of 1% or lower, yet they can give players a payback of 100% when he or she utilizes a rational playing strategy. The question now is how these contradicting facts can be resolved at a USA online casino.

The answer can be found in the fact that majority of the players are counter-intuitive. Yes, there are a lot of hands that everybody plays optimally, but there are also a number of hands where what seems to be an optimum strategy would actually result to losing money. There are instances when this loss is a significant amount. To better explain this point, let us take for example the game of Jacks or Better. Initially, the game appears to be quite easy to play. Only nine hands are needed in order to get a payback, and oftentimes it is easy to determine when you have a draw to any of these nine hands. However, a lot of players throughout the world lose money every day by making poor - but intuitively correct - decisions. Let us examine some various hands and check how the best strategy differs from an intuitively proper strategy.

Mistake 1: Holding On To An "Ace-Face Card-Face Card" When You Should Just Hold The Two-Face Cards

This move is commonly done, but only a number of gamers realize what a tragedy it truly is. The reason behind holding on to the ace is that a player has a better opportunity of creating an ace-high straight. He also has three high cards which he can attempt to pair up during the draw. When you are keeping the ace, you are discarding your chance of creating a full house or a four of a kind, thus cutting your chance of creating a two pair. The little advantage you receive through your higher chance of creating a straight is not enough to compensate for the significant losses.

Mistake 2: Not Attempting Adequate Long Shot Draws During The Straight Flush

In Jacks or Better, the straight flush could be the most wrongly interpreted hand. It rarely comes around and it isn't as appealing as the royal flush so most gamers just neglect it. If given a hand such as the 9c 7c 5c 3s 2d, majority of players will simply throw all the cards and draw again, thinking that the straight flush is highly unlikely to come in so it is wiser to "cut the losses" and just try to get a big pair on the next draw. For video poker losers, this may seem the right thing to do at first but they forget that they have a chance at a flush or straight if they hold on to the 9c 7c 5c. Even though it won't amount to much, it is still less costly than getting a new set of cards.

Mistake 3: Holding On To A Suited AT Instead Of Just Holding On To The Ace

This has got to be among the most common errors done by video poker losers. Although, admittedly, doing this is more fun, the gains earned are outweighed by the lower chance of creating a big pair, three of a kind or four of a kind.

These are some of the mistakes commonly done by video poker losers and there are still many others frequently done throughout a gaming session. If a player aims to cut down the house edge, it is better he read books that feature charts detailing the stringent points of how to play optimally.